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Types Of Stitches In Chikankari

Taipchi: A long running or darning to form the outline of the chosen motif

Bakhia: or shadow work has two kinds: ulti and sidhi.

Phanda: Millet-shaped stitches used to make flowers and patterns like grape vines

Murri: rice-shaped minute stitches

Jali: Normally worked by tearing apart the threads of the cloth and preparing minute buttonhole stitches

Keel kangan: is used to enhance floral motifs and butties

Hool: is a fine detached eyelet stitch. Worked with six threads it forms the heart of a flower

Zanzeera: A small extremely fine chain stitch, it is used to finally outline the leaf/petal shapes after one or more outlines have been worked

Rahet: A stem stitch, it is rarely used in its simple form but is common in the double form of dohra bakhiya

Banarsi: A twisted stitch worked with six threads on the right side of the fabric

Khatau: similar to Bakhia, but finer, it is a form of applique. The design is prepared on calico, placed over the surface of the final fabric and then paisley and floral patterns are stitched on to it


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